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The house sits 700 meter above sea level in Nam Nao ( literally translated “ cold water”) – quipped as the coldest district in the country. Namnao’s temperature is under 25 degree Celsius most of the time and drops below 10 degree in winter nights.

Facing Nam Nao National Park through which Chern River flows, when warmer rain droplets make contact with cooler water of Chern River, thick arrays of mist form and flow from low river valley toward huts and cottages on hill ridge above. At this, the house is like being in a misty mountain. The house is a New England style cottage accommodates 4 guests. It has an under roof bedroom with 2 single beds, roof windows and a porch to receive 180 degree mountain views. The master bedroom with queen size bed is down stairs. It has connected bathroom and hot shower. The living room has the house’s second toilet. Here guests may spend whole day of relaxing moments in comfortable sofas and lounge chairs enjoying beautiful mountain views from inside through the room’s full length windows or outside on its large balcony. A collection of local furniture is the house’s choice of interior which are teak wood dining table, utensil cabinet, wardrobe and bed frames. Other utilities are a Bar-B-Q set, a fridge, microwave, kettle and coffee machine.

The Commanding View
The cottage itself claims its view of lovely garden where flocks of butterflies come to feast on nectar of colorful flowers all day. It’s a visual and aromatic beauty of nature. Yet, looking from the house, guests will get a full view of Poo Pa Jit and Tung Lui Lai Mountains. From December until March, forests that cover these mountains change color from dark green to an orchestrated mix of yellow, pink, bright orange and red. One may find himself spending hours on balcony just watching the changing colors of mountains in winter on the first half of the year or being happily hypnotized by arrays of mist flowing slowly toward the house after rain falls on the other half of the year. And every night all year round, guests may find themselves lying flat on the same balcony watching our mighty, brightly Milky Way passing by. The town of Nam Nao is 600-800 meters above sea where kesiya pine trees are habitant. People tend to link the worry- free kind of aroma from these special pine trees when near them. Kesiya pines, strawberry and other organic vegetable farms are Nam Nao’s locals giving a feeling of contentedness to this location.

Attractions and Activities
Nam Nao National Park visitor’s center is about 20 km. from the house where you can enjoy beautiful trails stretching from 1 to 3 km. Suan Son Baan Pak is a large kesiya pine forest of 30 meters in height about 30 km. away from the house. Within 20-30 km. radius you can find many waterfalls such as Sai Kaew, Sai Tong, Plan Ba, and Haew Sai. Especially Tum Pa Hong is a must visit to watch a memorable sunset and plan for the next adventurous trip of yours.

The House and its Connectivity
5 km from Nam Nao National Park.
15 km from Nam Nao District.
120 km from Khon Kaen Town.