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Cozycomo Khon Kaen answers to guests venturing for a taste of living.

The cabin is built on the bank of Huay Toey Lake that keeps 5 million cubic meter of water from annual rains. In dry months, water dries up and the lake turns to a vast pasture and swamps where villagers bring their livestock to graze. Nature is rich at this place; herds of water buffalos and cows with their new born, galloping horses, lone fishermen in small boats dotting the vast water beyond. Birds are abundant in number and variety.

Guests are welcome to take care of Look Tan – our horse. The trainer, Dao Rung, will be with guests throughout their stay. Guests may feed, groom, bathe her in the lake or take a ride – all under Dao Rung’s care. It is indeed a memorable moment to explore the lake on horse back; or just live a day away; from nature’s echo of dawn to mighty noon sky to a bitter sweet goodbye of sunset. For another night, guests may venture on bringing a tent and field cooking stuffs and go camping on the water edge if they so wish.

We built a cabin in southern American style and fit it with a queen size bed, a day bed, an open air bathroom, a kitchen and a front porch to mount a horse – a Thoroughbred named Look Tan. The cabin takes in 2 – 3 guests. For camping, guests may come many.

Mind you !
This is a place for living independently, off grid style. You will live at the edge of a village at Northeastern part of Thailand on a water front without electricity. You have choices of generating your own electricity by a small generator or living independently under candle light. On a cool night, you may boil water to comfort your bath time. We have a small plot of land that provide you with varieties of home grown vegetable. You will feel you live freely under sun and when you are on a horseback, you do not exactly know where you are, Savannah, South Carolina, or Khon Kaen pasture!

18 km from Khon Kaen City
11 km from Khon Kaen Airport
8 km from Khon Kaen North East Regional Bus Terminal
450 kms North East of Bangkok

House Accessibility
The whole property is yours !