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This lovely English style, teak wood cottage is in Chiang Dao District 80 km. north of Chiang Mai town. Built from an old wooden house by Chiang Dao’s mason master, the cottage presents the celebrated northern craftsmanship of wood masonry in its beautiful flooring and walls.

The house accommodates 3 guests or 4 as extra. The under roof bedroom with two gabled windows has one queen size bed and one single bed on the sleeping balcony taking up the magnificent view of Chiang Dao Peak and surrounding mountains. Down to the first floor are living room with a large northern style teak wood bench which can be used as sleep-in for the forth guest, fully equipped kitchen and dinner set, one toilet and one bathroom with hot shower. A Bar-B-Q or outside dining area can be enjoyed in the property’s large garden. Guests may venture for using this area as camping ground to enjoy the serenity of mountains and millions of stars in a moonless night.

The Temperature in this north district is never higher than 30 degree Celsius and mostly under 25 degree all year round which is on the lower side of an averaged temperature of the country. The temperature can drop to 3 degree in winter nights ( November – February).

Attractions and Activities,
The place is at the foot hill of Chiang Doa mountain range next to Chiang Doa wild life sanctuary. Many Buddhist monasteries are in the area. Baan Tum is called “Sappaya” in Bali which means a suitable place for spiritual endeavor. 80 years ago, Venerable Taan Ajarn Munn led 30 or so disciples to spend a Buddhist Lent here. The most famous temple is Wat Tum Pa Plong Temple in Chiang Dao Mountain where Venerable Loung Poo Sim, Taan Ajarn Munn’s youngest disciple, lived and gave teachings for decades.

Trekkings: Explore Doi Lung Chiang Dao. 14 km. North of Baan Tum village, Baan Ra-beang Dao is where you can view the whole magnificent Chiang Dao mountain range from the spot you stand. You may have lunch here or organize trekking trips with high experienced guides to explore Chiang Dao National Park which can last for a day or two.